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"My 6 year old cat was found as a kitten…and his eyes were so badly infected he didn’t have the ability to open them. We tried to treat for 6 years with no improvements. I sought our Dr. Lindsay. Within a month his nose started to clear up (and) he has made amazing improvements."
                       --- E.C.

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Alternative Veterinary Services LLC         
Indications for Alternative Treatment
Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Herbal, Homeopathy, Reiki

Homeopathy Additional Info:

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Disease Symptoms
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The following are a partial list of situations where alternatives might be considered:

  • Behavior problems

  • Cancer - With chemotherapy to increase energy and decrease side effects from drugs, or

  • Instead of chemotherapy to increase energy and appetite and reduce pain to improve quality of life

  • Chronic medication cases - to reduce or eliminate the need for conventional drugs

  • Elderly pets - to increase energy and appetite to improve quality of life

  • Recovering from significant illness or from surgery - to hasten recovery and healing

  • Recurring conditions - ranging from allergies to lamenesses to GI problems to infections

  • Orthopedic problems - lameness, pain, poor agility performance

  • Stressful situations - addition of a child or pet, change in owner's work routine, death of a loved one (human or animal), moved to a new home, etc.

  • Traumatic injuries

  • Vaccine reactions or problems following soon after vaccination

  • Warts, cysts and some other tumors to treat without surgery



Alternative Veterinary Services LLC
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