Alternative Veterinary Services LLC

Alternative Veterinary Services LLC


Tue 4/24/18  7-8 PM
   Cost: $10 (admits 2)
Demonstration of Nutrition Response Testing for Animals

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Alternative Veterinary Services LLC         
"My 15 year old American Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Dr. David Lindsay saved his life! He no longer coughs and has more energy than ever. I’ve even been asked if he is a puppy!"
                                                                                                    --- C.B.
"My 6 year old cat was found as a kitten…and his eyes were so badly infected he didn’t have the ability to open them. We tried to treat for 6 years with no improvements. I sought our Dr. Lindsay. Within a month his nose started to clear up (and) he has made amazing improvements."
                                                                                                    --- E.C.
"Paddy …was thin and his fur matted easily. It wasn’t uncommon to have to cut a mat off him every couple of days…. He’s gained weight and he no longer mats. His fur is shiny and smooth."
                                                                                                    --- L.P.
"Gracie’s ears were constantly oozing a greenish, gooey, bloody, at times tar-like discharge. …Only 6 years old (and) she never had experienced a day in her short life without extreme pain. After a few months of care…her relief was clear… Gracie and her sister are now 9 years old and both happy healthy dogs."
                                                                                                    --- E.M.
"After spending a couple of years trying to figure out what would help my 3 year old Golden’s allergies, I finally came to Dr. Lindsay. Her fur has come back beautifully as well as her energy. Even our friends have noticed the transformation that has occurred just within 3 months."
                                                                                                    --- S.M.
"After seeing several vets, they diagnosed (Apple) with asthma… Over the next couple of years, Apple’s asthma attacks worsened. Apple has responded very well to the organic supplements. Her asthma has greatly reduced. She is so much more playful."
                                                                                                    --- P.M.
"(Hannah) was diagnosed with liver disease at age four. She had a very rare and horrible side effect to one of the medications. It was shutting down her bone marrow…(and) she was rushed to the emergency room for a blood transfusion. Dr. Lindsay made up a specific homeopathic solution. This dog went from being barely able to lift her head off the floor to running around and wagging her tail within 4 hours. (The vet) said he had never seen anything like it. Today she is liver disease free and perfect."
                                                                                                    --- E.R.
"(Max) always had loose stool and many movements a day. His ears were always flaming red and itchy. In one month’s time, Max no longer has IBS, has stopped vomiting and his ear and skin have gotten under control. Sometimes we need to cross that threshold of unfamiliar territory to get the results we’re looking for."
                                                                                                    --- K.B.
"Michael had lost 10% of his body weight, had bloody stools and stopped eating. Even specialists at Tufts didn’t know how to help him. Now he’s playing and active…eating well…and is maintaining a steady weight. Michael’s success with nutritional response testing has led me to investigate it for myself."
                                                                                                    --- L.S.
"Speck (had) vomiting with blood, mucous and blood in his stool, sensitivity to touch in his stomach area and excessive gas and grumbling… He seemed to be withdrawn and not really wanting to be social with other dogs. Speck’s progress over the past 3 months has been steady. (He is) more energetic and playful…will even roll over and want his belly rubbed."
                                                                                                    --- J.& M.G.
"I would like to comment on how great this treatment has been for my lab, Merlin. Back in January, he was foggy brained, not interested in some of his favorite things like Rally and Obedience, and his coat was sparse, dull and not healthy looking. Through the nutritional response testing he has cleared these problems. His coat is great, he is the very picture of health. And the best part, he is happy. Thank you Dr. Martha for all this great care!"
                                                                                                    --- B.B.


Alternative Veterinary Services LLC
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